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Caroline Gilmore, the Richmond Down Under marketing intern, writes:

On the North Queensland program our guides led us through different habitats and ecosystems, teaching us about the land they knew so much about. Their stories about the outback, Daintree Rainforest, and Great Barrier Reef were engaging and kept us informed as we made our way around the region.

file3661291126590Our classes used experiential learning, allowing us to travel the land and see first-hand the flora and fauna we were learning about. Working with the Center for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation (C4) we heard about the importance of the cassowary and the ways in which they are essential to protecting the rainforest and coastal ecosystems. Many people don’t know that cassowaries carry the seeds of trees and distribute them throughout the rainforest. If this did not happen many tree species would go extinct.

After our lecture on our way to a hike, we saw a cassowary, an independent and solitary bird, walking down a main highway completely unprotected from the passing cars. It was after this sighting that we were all able to better understand the challenges that we inflict on our natural ecosystems.

In a normal classroom setting, it is hard to make these real life connections, for instance I still don’t know how linear algebra relates to my day-to-day life. But seeing the cassowaries made me understand some of the challenges in modern day Australia and made me want to make a difference, and that is something you don’t often get in a classroom.


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Xuanyan Ouyang, 2014-15 Fiji International Tourism for Development student blogger, writes:


QingdaoFor me, to travel is to discover something new, something that will surprise me about myself. During each journey I find out who and what I am. My name is Xuanyan, and I am from a city named Foshan in Southern China.

My feet have stepped into 20 cities in China and since choosing to study abroad in the United States, I have had many more opportunities and visited 12 cities across the U.S. I have often traveled with my friends and family, but the first time I traveled on my own was to Qingdao. In another experience in Orlando I was able to live with a host family for the first time and experience a real Christmas.



IMG_8497When I was little I think my mom and dad always let me walk by myself and pretended not to care and that’s why I love exploring now. I imagine this kid walking farther and farther, but his parents are always watching him behind. They are my home, where I can go back and have a rest during my journey in this world.





During my study abroad trip to South Africa, I expanded my horizons. As the only international student in our group, I found out what it was like to experience culture shock and realized that I could survive. On our way to a football game, I took photos of these lovers with a South African flag. It was just a short moment, but it made me see that love is always amazing.





DunhuangWith a career goal of being a visual media producer, I want to continue to tell stories by taking advantage of the power of multimedia. My next stop is Fiji, a paradise for winter break. Want to see awesome photos of scenery, food and people? Then don’t forget to check out the AUIP student blog. Want to know more stories behind the images of Fiji? Follow my blogs; let’s begin the show!



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Adam Carron, the Buckeyes Abroad marketing intern, writes:

Figuring out how to avoid breaking the bank while studying abroad can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to food! However, I found that there are some strategies to limit this expense and put that money toward something much more interesting, such as a Shotover Jet ride in Queenstown!  Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  1. Pack convenient snacks from home: Consider your staple foods that you have at home that would be beneficial to have while overseas. For example, think about granola bars and crackers that make easy, convenient snacks. Ensure you check local customs regulations for importing food. In particular, Australian and New Zealand customs regulations can be quite strict and you always need to declare any food items. After checking policies, then pack as many of these items as you can because they typically cost more, especially in Australia and New Zealand, but make delicious and cheap snacks that can substitute for lunches.
  1. Plan your meals in advance: Throughout your program, make sure to plan your meals to avoid impulse purchases that are simply convenient. Decide where you will be going for lunch or dinner and give yourself a budget so that you do not settle on a more expensive meal than you planned.

pic 2

  1. Head to the grocery store: Find time to visit to a local grocery store and purchase food with the intention of making your own meals whenever they aren’t provided with the group. For lunch, you can buy cheap sandwich makings that last several days and can still be delicious with a little bit of preparation. Making your own lunch provides flexibility when you are out hiking for the day and is much cheaper than a local café. For dinner, basic meals like pasta or burgers are inexpensive yet filling options. Plus, cooking dinner with your classmates can provide a unique bonding experience.

By following these simple and economical steps you should be able to save money overall or simply save up for a fancy dinner with friends or an adventurous activity on your free day! Utilizing some of these suggestions will help you stay under your food budget and prevent unnecessary stress when you are enjoying your study abroad experience.

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It’s that time of the year again when holiday decorations are popping up all over the country! In spite of the overabundance of exciting festivities, it’s not entirely fun and games when it comes to finding the right gifts for your loved ones. With increasingly-stringent baggage allowances, buying a useful yet compact item for your travel-savvy family and friends can be difficult. Fortunately, our jet-setting team is here to help with our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

For supreme organization:

A versatile backpack is essential for any keen traveler, and you can’t go wrong with the Gregory Packs Sketch 18 ($79). For us, the mark of a quality pack is the ability to transition from every day use to the extraordinary. Equipped with a laptop compartment that can also be used as a hydration pack holder, the Sketch 18 caters to a variety of needs. This pack also has three external accessory pockets to help keep small items from adaptors to passports neatly stowed away.

Gregory Packs Sketch18

Courtesy of Gregory Packs

For women on the move:

Take it from our crew of globetrotting ladies, it’s beyond annoying when your earbuds constantly fall out of your ears. Thankfully the yurbuds Inspire 400 for Women earphones ($50) come to the rescue. Designed specifically to fit smaller ears with yurbuds’ trademark technologies, these earphones won’t fall out and are also sweat and water resistant, which will probably come in handy for burning off all those holiday cookies.

yurbuds Inspire 400 for Women

Courtesy of yurbuds

For pocket precision:

Always Be Prepared may be the motto of the Boy Scouts, but the Victorinox EvoWood 81 Swiss Army Knife ($45) makes any traveler ready and able. Packing a blade, scissors, nailfile, and key ring into such a tiny 2.5-inch tool is a feat, making it the perfect pint-sized travel companion. Just remember not to put it in your carry-on luggage; airport security won’t like it as much.

Victorinox EvoWood 81

Courtesy of Victorinox

For endless playtime:

It may be getting cold outside, however you can still give your friends and family the gift of summer fun with the Outside Inside Dome 2 in 1 Ladderball/Cornhole game set ($61). This packable set pops up like a tent for ongoing entertainment in a compact, lightweight size. Perfect for everything from campfire games to holiday parties – now that’s what we call 2 in 1.

Outside Inside Dome 2 in 1

Courtesy of Outside Inside

For party tunes:               

You and your loved ones can celebrate the New Year in style, even if you’re in the wilderness, with the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Rechargeable Speaker ($50). This 12-ounce speaker packs a big sound and boasts a run time of over 20 hours, making it perfect for taking on a hike. Plus, you can charge it with any USB port or keep it sustainable with a Nomad 7 Solar Panel.

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Rechargeable Speaker

Courtesy of Goal Zero

With the shopping officially handled, how would you like to grab one of these items for yourself? You just might be in luck – follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds over the next two weeks for details of our Globetrotter Gift Giveaway and you could be in with a chance to win!

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