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Xuanyan Ouyang, 2014-15 Fiji International Tourism for Development student blogger, writes:


QingdaoFor me, to travel is to discover something new, something that will surprise me about myself. During each journey I find out who and what I am. My name is Xuanyan, and I am from a city named Foshan in Southern China.

My feet have stepped into 20 cities in China and since choosing to study abroad in the United States, I have had many more opportunities and visited 12 cities across the U.S. I have often traveled with my friends and family, but the first time I traveled on my own was to Qingdao. In another experience in Orlando I was able to live with a host family for the first time and experience a real Christmas.



IMG_8497When I was little I think my mom and dad always let me walk by myself and pretended not to care and that’s why I love exploring now. I imagine this kid walking farther and farther, but his parents are always watching him behind. They are my home, where I can go back and have a rest during my journey in this world.





During my study abroad trip to South Africa, I expanded my horizons. As the only international student in our group, I found out what it was like to experience culture shock and realized that I could survive. On our way to a football game, I took photos of these lovers with a South African flag. It was just a short moment, but it made me see that love is always amazing.





DunhuangWith a career goal of being a visual media producer, I want to continue to tell stories by taking advantage of the power of multimedia. My next stop is Fiji, a paradise for winter break. Want to see awesome photos of scenery, food and people? Then don’t forget to check out the AUIP student blog. Want to know more stories behind the images of Fiji? Follow my blogs; let’s begin the show!




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